Our Principles

Integrity > We mean, striving to consistently do what one says, with honesty and openness. Keeping promises. Being reliable. Adhering to high moral standards and principles.

Accountability > We mean, always being responsible and answerable for results and accepting consequences of our actions.

Innovation > We mean, proactively finding a new way of doing things for relevant issues challenging the status quo.

Participation > We mean, taking part and involving our stakeholders to give suggestions advice and share ideas in planning and implementation.

Dedication > We mean, meeting deadlines consistently working to a quality standard and working with a sense of willingness or being committed to doing more.

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Omusati Governor

Hon. Erginus Endjala

Chief Regional Officer

Mr. Gervasius Kashindi


Regional Council and Management Committee Hon: Andreas Shintama

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A model of integrated regional development that is socially stable and economically advanced.


Omusati Regional Council is dedicated to plan,facilitate, coordinate and implement integrates and sustainable regional development and provide quality services in collaboration with all its stakeholders to improve the living standars for all in the region.

Core Value

Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, Participation and Dedication. .


Physical Address

Omusati Regional Council Building Erf 1080 Namaungu Street, Outapi

  • Postal Address
  • P/Bag 523, Outapi, Namibia
  • +264 65 250614/5