Olufuko Festival

Date: August each Year

Venue: Olufuko Centre in Outapi Town

Olufuko (from an Oshiwambo word meaning wedding) is an annual festival held in Outapi, Namibia. It was officially opened 23 August 2012 by Sam Nujoma, former founding President of the Republic of Namibia.[1] Outapi is a town in Omusati Region in Namibia.

Olufuko is a process where girls between the age of 15-20 are prepared for womanhood.[2] This means they are taught how to do traditional chores at home such as pounding omahangu, cooking, cultivating and understanding the roles of men and women in society and recently the impact of HIV/AIDS, STDs and other illnesses in society. After Olufuko brides are expected to go back to school and finish school and not to get married immediately as it used to be done in the olden days.

Several speakers at the Olufuko Official Opening Ceremony have used the occasion to urge all girls to go back to school and none of the girls were ever handed over to a man to get married after the initiation ceremony. People under the age of 16 are considered minors under the Namibian Constitution


Among others, objectives of the festival are to:

  1. Inform, educate and entertain with the view to appreciate and enhance traditional and cultural identity.
  2. Create tourism opportunities.
  3. Enhance the purpose of unity amongst our people.
  4. Create awareness within the region through cultural, arts and agricultural activities.
  5. Preserve and promote culture and tradition.
  6. Strengthen the local and regional economy.
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Olufuko Festival

Date: May each Year

This is a celebratory event hosted by traditional authorities in Omusati Region on a rotational basis. The traditional authority council co-ordinates and decides which traditional authority would host the festival in a particular year. The event takes place in May every year. People from Omusati Region, particularly women preserve Omagongo for the event. The event is attended by people from all over the country including regional and national leaders.

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Physical Address

Omusati Regional Council Building Erf 1080 Namaungu Street, Outapi

  • Postal Address
  • P/Bag 523, Outapi, Namibia
  • +264 65 250614/5