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Mr. Gervasius Kashindi

Chief Regional Officer

The Regional Council, in consultation with the Minister, appoints the Chief Regional Officer, in terms of Section 23 (1) (a) (i) - (ii) of the Regional Council Act 22 of 1992

23. (1) Subject to the provisions of Section 24 and such regulations as may be prescribed and such directives as may be issued by the Minister, a Regional Council shall-

(a) appoint, in consultation with the with the Minister, a person as the CRO of the Regional Council -

(i) who shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Regional Council; and

(ii) who shall, subject to the control and directions of the Regional Council, be responsible for carrying out the decisions of the Regional Council and the for the administration of the affairs of the Regional Council;

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Physical Address

Omusati Regional Council Building Erf 1080 Namaungu Street, Outapi

  • Postal Address
  • P/Bag 523, Outapi, Namibia
  • +264 65 250614/5